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    Bud Sugar

Date Venue Location Tickets
Jul 07 HedFest - Hedon Hedon, UK Tickets
Jul 08 Hessle Feast - Hessle Hessle, UK Tickets
Jul 14 Studio VIBE (Take us to Gambia Party) - Hull Hull, UK Tickets
Jul 22 Joko Club - Brikama Brikama, Gambia Tickets
Jul 25 Bonus Arena - Hull Hull, UK Tickets
Aug 04 Humber Street Sesh - Hull Hull, UK Tickets
Aug 11 Wigan Pride - Wigan Wigan, UK Tickets
Aug 18 Fusion Fest - Somerset Somerset, UK Tickets
Aug 25 FortyFive Cafe - York York, UK Tickets
Sept 29 Sonder Festival - Manchester Manchester, UK Tickets

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Bud Sugar - VIRAL

So many epic viral video moments all mashed into one to make this weird music video! 💥🎥💥🎥💥🎥 ⬇︎ Go Deeper ⬇︎

Posted by Bud Sugar on Monday, 16 October 2017
Bud Sugar - Gambia | Live Session

A single mums desire to have her mixed raced kids know their heritage lead to this uplifting song and the birth of an epic adventure! Start the Adventure with us:

Posted by Bud Sugar on Friday, 11 May 2018